Wholesale of Italian clothing

Wholesale of Italian clothes hurtownia odzieży włoskiej in Poland is the most popular business field of Vietnamese people here, thanks to the wholesale of clothes hurtownia odzieży from these big brands has built up prestige and trust of Vietnamese people to  indigenous people.

Currently, a number of central markets, commercial areas for Vietnamese people in Poland such as ASG – the main center of Vietnamese people at EACC in the suburbs of Wolka Kosowska – Poland has built its own brand of items for sale. Becoming the most prestigious wholesale shopping address for small provinces or people from different localities, even some people in neighboring countries also import clothes from Vietnamese in these commercial areas. .

The above analysis is enough to see the growth of the Vietnamese clothing trade hurtownia odziey here, many Vietnamese when they first moved to Poland to live thanks to Vietnamese traders like this. Many business locations, goods sold and sales experience in Poland, helping them to quickly stabilize their lives, become the main source of income for their family, soon cover the economic burden from home. .

Currently one third of Vietnamese in Poland are wholesaling the Italian clothes hurtownia odzieży włoskiej for different groups such as: Wholesale of women’s clothes hurtownia odzieży damskiej, wholesale men’s clothes hurtownia odzieży męskiej, wholesale young clothes hurtownia odzieży dziecięcej … they get goods to exchange information through the online website system set up by Vietnamese people like website : https://www.wolkafashion.pl/ .

So if you want to go to Poland to live and trade in fashion clothes, you should prepare information about the wholesale situation in Poland in advance, see how to trade, exchange, and address to get goods. reputable dealer, so when to Poland will quickly adapt to life here. In addition, in Poland also formed Vietnamese communities with managers according to specific policies, so Vietnamese people are completely protected when facing business problems, completely different from trading. in China or Taiwan.