How to take care of your health after giving birth you should know

Postpartum health care is one of the most important and necessary jobs. Especially, in the first month after giving birth, taking good care of mothers will help mothers quickly recover their health. At the same time, she also helps her mother to do her job well in her new role. However, how to take care of mothers after giving birth?

How to take care of the mother’s body after giving birth

How to take care of a pregnant mother after giving birth

After giving birth, the mother went through extremely difficult labor, making her body change a lot. Therefore, mothers need to take care of their bodies after birth. As follows:

Breast care

When the baby is born in the first month, mothers will inevitably encounter the phenomenon of obstruction because the baby eats too little and the breast milk is too much. Therefore, in the first month, mothers should regularly gently massage the chest area to avoid the obstruction that causes discomfort for mothers. In addition, the nipples should be cleaned regularly for the cleanest feeding of the baby.

Take care of the genital area

This is something that cannot be ignored, especially for women who have a normal birth, taking care of the genital area is extremely important. To avoid infection, you should remember to clean regularly with warm salt water. After the incisions have been healed, mothers can choose gentle Kegel exercises to heal wounds during childbirth.

Take care of your stomach

For women who have a C-section, it will hurt a lot after giving birth, so mothers should apply warm compresses to limit pain. If the mother is too painful to bear, ask the doctor to prescribe medicine. As for the natural mother, after about 3 days, it is advisable to use the belly bra to limit the state of bloating.

Postpartum health care moms should know

Postpartum pregnant mothers need to add many nutrients

After giving birth, women often lose a lot of energy, so nutrition is always very necessary and important at this time. Food for mothers after giving birth must always be soft, warm and easy to digest. For mothers who have a caesarean section during the first week, they should eat dilute porridge and drink milk to quickly recover the incision.
As for mothers who are born normally, they can eat all kinds of warm foods for the body to recover quickly. Mothers should eat many meals a day to both recover health and provide enough milk to breastfeed. After giving birth, mothers need to wear long-sleeved clothes and abstain from doctor’s instructions. If you don’t do it later, your health will be greatly reduced.
Above are the ways to take care of health after giving birth, mothers should know to have good health and abundant milk source for their babies. In addition, mothers should also remember not to have sex during the stay to ensure their own health.