Mannin Gold

MANNIN's 18 karat yellow and rose gold colors are custom blends unique to MANNIN. Our hallmark gold is a true example of modern alchemy- a combination of old-world inspiration and modern technology.

During the brand's inception, it was of utmost importance to source yellow and rose gold colors that had a universal hue- colors that were complimentary to a variety of skin tones. Suzanne Donegan, MANNIN's Creative Director, was determined to find the right gold, but was unable to source existing colors that were just right. Many gold colors today appear too yellow or too copper in color. She had inspiration from the past with an Italian yellow gold ring from the 1940s and Victorian pale rose gold chain from the 1890s. These two pieces became the start of a process leading to MANNIN's custom gold.

With the help of an innovative refinery, the 1940s ring and the 1890s chain underwent X-ray fluorescence, which is a screening process that identifies the exact elemental composition of a material. The process is used in a variety of fields, including geochemistry, forensic sciences, and archeology. With the formulas for the two inspirational pieces used as a base, further tinkering led to the perfect hues for MANNIN's 18k yellow and rose golds. 

The Dome Ring in high polish yellow and rose gold